Careers at World's Finest

Careers at World's Finest

Our brand is constantly expanding. As we lead the way as the premier name in luxury watches, we aim to continue this trend. As such, we invite sales consultants, retail managers and enterprising graduates to consider building their career with World’s Finest Watches.

Our consultants are driven by passion and passionate about watches. Consultants need to be knowledgeable, engaged and invested in industry developments in order to give clients the best possible advice. We pride ourselves on our unparalleled service.

Despite our working environment being distinguished and contemporary, we strive to make our customers feel welcome and at ease. This is achieved by providing traditional service values. However, just as we pride ourselves in building and sustaining relationships with our clients, we care about our most valuable resource, our employees. A career within our brand involves nurturing and developing talented individuals- individuals who aspire to launch a rewarding career path in premium retail. This journey to success cannot be achieved alone, and we aspire to grow hand in hand to reach mutually beneficial heights.

World's Finest Watches offers you the opportunity for competitive earning potential, professional and interpersonal skills development, valuable knowledge and insight into an exclusive luxury retail environment, and experience in working with prestigious brands.

We seek individuals as passionate about the finer things in life as we are. People able to build lasting, sustainable customer and business relationships. People who are organised and well-groomed. People with warm, mature personalities, exceptional communication skills and experience in the retail industry.

We’re all about the people we serve and helping those who serve us.

We’re all about people who share our vision and are eager to make it a reality.

If you are enthusiastic, talented and professional with a passion for luxury retail, please send your CV and cover letter to or