About World's Finest

About World's Finest

Catering for exclusive clientele both local and abroad, our brand has earned a reputation for presenting only the finest products from premier international brands. To this day we remain the only specialist prestige watch boutique in Sandton. In doing so, we’ve also cemented our legacy as the destination amongst enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Since we opened our doors in 2002, World's Finest Watches has become an established watch destination for enthusiasts and collectors alike. We’ve earned a reputation for presenting the finest watches from the premier Swiss brands. World's Finest Watches remains the only specialist prestige watch boutique in Sandton today.

Our core philosophy entails identifying and focusing on the most prestigious brands worldwide. Once done, we then make it our mission to offer the widest selection of these brands. Our clients have come to expect the latest arrivals from premier industry icons. From Rolex to Tissot our range comprises of international icons with premium pedigree.

Our physical premises aims to match the aesthetic function of the people we serve. Herein lies our ability to identify and remain true to our brand image. Unique, aspirational and non-traditional, a World’s Finest customer knows they’ve arrived the moment they enter our doors.

Our approach to luxury retail is fresh and dynamic. We aim to embrace today’s day and age while still maintaining traditions steeped in success. These include staff training, excellent service and a need to fully understand the people we serve.

With a watch technician on site and brand specialists to advise you on each unique piece, World’s Finest Watches have become as much an experience as a retail institution.